19th St Anne’s Bach Fest

19th St Anne's Bach Festival

Jul 21

Bach Festival Vespers

Bach Festival Vespers

Jul 27

EASTER-He is Risen!

Easter Sunday Morning

Apr 20

Bach Vespers-Lutheran

Lutheran Bach Vespers

Apr 20

Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil. Lutheran Choral Liturgy.

Apr 19

Good Friday

Good Friday - Lutheran Choral Liturgy

Apr 18

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday. Lutheran Choral Eucharist.

Apr 17

Swahili Holy Communion

First Sunday of month 2pm Holy Communion (Swahili)

Apr 6

About Us

St Anne’s is a Lutheran community in the heart of London – welcoming all to share in the gifts of God’s grace and love; inviting all to hear the Good News and join together in communion at the Lord’s Table.

Worship Times

English: Every Sunday 11am with Holy Eucharist

Swahili: 1st Sunday Worship with Holy Eucharist
3rd Sunday Service of the Word

St Anne's...
Draws travellers from outside of London
Our theology is the hospitality of our hearts
Welcomes everyone to participate
Multi-cultural, multi-lingual
Inclusive hospitality
Lutheran presence in the city
The church which gathers
A congregation of the global Lutheran community
A centrally located London City church
Visitors find a home away from home
We care for each other
An extended community of former members
Combines different nationalities
Spreads the Word-love as Jesus told
Our house where we gather as family
Ministry to the wayfarer
Hospitality – live what we believe
A home to Lutherans in London
Travellers come to meet, pray and praise God
One faith-all welcome
Welcoming presence and pastoral care
Gathers in an historic Wren church
A community with a unique ministry


Stop By for Open House London

St. Mary-at-Hill and St. Anne’s are present during Open House London this Saturday. Stop by and see us! St. Anne’s will be there from 11AM to 3PM. Keep Reading

Confirmation class is coming!

St. Anne’s will soon be offering confirmation classes to all who are interested. See the below flyer for more information, and be sure to register your interest with intern Joe Graumann at graumannjr@me.com Keep Reading

St. Anne’s congregation has moved!

We look forward to working with Canon Flora Winfield who extends the following warm welcome; WELCOME TO ST-MARY-AT-HILL! Dear Friends On behalf of the Parish, Churchwardens and PCC may I extend to you, on this Trinity Sunday, the warmest of welcomes ... Keep Reading