Mission Sunday #2

Goals and Activities

Feb 1

Mission Sunday

discerning God's path for us

Jan 18

Christmas Day Eucharist

Christmas Day Eucharist

Dec 25

Christmas Eve Lessons/Carols

Christmas Eve Service

Dec 24

BBC Visits Swahili

The BBC visits the Swahili service

Dec 21

About Us

St Anne’s is a Lutheran community in the heart of London – welcoming all to share in the gifts of God’s grace and love; inviting all to hear the Good News and join together in communion at the Lord’s Table.

Worship Times

English: Every Sunday 11am with Holy Eucharist

Swahili: 1st Sunday Worship with Holy Eucharist
3rd Sunday Service of the Word

St Anne's...
A centrally located London City church
We care for each other
Gathers in an historic Wren church
Spreads the Word-love as Jesus told
A congregation of the global Lutheran community
Visitors find a home away from home
Inclusive hospitality
Welcoming presence and pastoral care
One faith-all welcome
Combines different nationalities
A community with a unique ministry
A home to Lutherans in London
An extended community of former members
The church which gathers
Draws travellers from outside of London
Our theology is the hospitality of our hearts
Welcomes everyone to participate
Travellers come to meet, pray and praise God
Multi-cultural, multi-lingual
Lutheran presence in the city
Ministry to the wayfarer
Hospitality – live what we believe
Our house where we gather as family


Mission Sunday: Goals and Activities

  Join us on Sunday, 1 February, as we meet to discuss further our mission in the world. Following up on previous work that we’ve done, we ... Keep Reading

Mission Sunday

This Sunday, 18 Jan, between the English and Swahili Eucharist services, we will be meeting as a congregation to discuss our mission together. This continues the valuable work that St. Anne’s did with our previous pastors before moving ... Keep Reading

Welcoming ELCA visitors

This past Sunday, on 11 Jan, St. Anne’s welcomed two visitors from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. They were Ms. Tammy Jackson, Area Program Director for International Leadership Development, and the Revd. Steve Nelson, Area ... Keep Reading

Blessed are They that Die in the Lord

Dear long standing member Helena Apter joined the saints in heaven on January 1st. We mourn her passing with her family and friends. To God be the glory for the life of Helena. Photo: Grace with Helena in ... Keep Reading

Christmas Day Eucharist

Join us on Christmas Day (Dec. 25) for a special celebration of God’s incarnation in bread and wine. Our Lord has come among us, let us share in the joy! Service starts at 11:00 AM. You and yours ... Keep Reading