History of St. Anne's

St Anne’s Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Lutheran Church in Great Britain. In former times we worshipped as St John’s Lutheran Church but later changed our name to St Anne’s following our move to the CoE church of St Anne and St Agnes on Gresham street, where we worshipped for 48 years.  In May 2013 we relocated to St Mary at Hill, also CoE, to a warm reception by the serving Rev’d Flora Winfield.  The SMaH, CoE holds a mid-week lunchtime service on Wednesdays and St Anne’s Lutheran church holds services every Sunday. st Anne’s brings regular Sunday Christian worship to central London; it’s visitors and residents.  As true throughout our history St Anne’s purpose is to promote religion; in accordance with the Statement of Faith. We welcome all to take part in our worship services and the full programme which we offer. You are welcome to come and to become a part of our unique history ; sharing Word and Sacrament with people from many different nations and to all who live within the London boroughs.  We aspire to share the love of Jesus Christ.