Bach Vespers

Photo of Bach Vespers


At various dates throughout the year, St. Anne’s hosts Bach Vespers, an evening Lutheran service featuring cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach.  The City Bach Collective, a dedicated  group of professional musicans, perform the works of the great composer within the context for which they were intended.

Performing Bach’s church music within a service of Lutheran Vespers gives the experience of the music a very special context.

The service is almost all musical, following Martin Luther’s invocation of music’s importance in worship. We try to follow the type of pieces and ordering of the music that would have been experienced around the time that Bach was working in the German churches where he was employed in the early 1700s. The service is in English; the German words of the choral music come with translations.

Everyone is welcome to come to these services. You don’t need a ticket. Everyone is welcome.  It lasts just over an hour. You have an opportunity to show your appreciation for the music in a traditional church collection, where you can give whatever you feel is right.

For more information about the next Bach Vespers, please see City Bach Collective’s website,